How do I take CBD?

How do I take CBD?

It’s all well and good knowing what CBD is, but now you ought to figure out how to take it.

CBD ingestion methods have a huge effect on how it interacts with your body. First off, we’ll discuss bioavailability before going through your CBD choices.

CBD and bioavailability

Have you ever wondered why drugs are given to directly into your blood stream when you go to the hospital? Well, it’s to do with bioavailability. What on earth is bioavailability, you ask? Well it is the percentage of chemical compound that the body actually uses. If there is a higher bioavailability then the more efficiently the chemical is used.

The key factor that affects bioavailability is how fast the compound’s pathway to the circulatory system is, therefore why IV drips are usually a highly effective method. So, see how consumption affects bioavailability!

CBD Oils

One of the most popular and usually recognised techniques of using CBD are CBD oils. This covers our CBD Oral Drops which is used to apply a CBD oil underneath your tongue. CBD oils are just hemp extract combined with a carrier oil.

The rationale for applying the CBD oil underneath the tongue (known as using it sublingually) is, you guessed it, bioavailability. Instead than swallowing your CBD oils and transmitting it through the digestive system, let it soak into the blood vessels beneath the tongue for about 90 seconds. That way it gets into circulation much quicker.

The CBD will usually take around thirty minutes to be absorbed appropriately, and take six hours to leave the bloodstream. This makes CBD oils a great way to dose if you only want to use CBD intermittently. You can take half your recommended dosage in the morning, and the other half in the evening.

When evaluating oral CBD choices it’s worth considering the carrier oil. The MCT (coconut) oil in our CBD Oils helps hide the taste of the hemp for those who aren’t fond of its earthy tones.

CBD E-liquids

CBD vaping has one of the top bioavailabilities. By turning your CBD e-liquid into vapour you make it more simply absorbed. Ever Since you’re inhaling it into your lungs, the CBD vape juice has a straightforward, quick path to your circulatory system.

If you want to use a CBD e-liquid, but aren’t comfortable with vaping, firstly: you’ll need a vape device. However, you cannot mix a CBD vape juice with nicotine because to the way nicotine and CBD act as catalysts for each other.

Owing to the higher bioavailability when vaping CBD, it barely takes 5 minutes to be absorbed, and 4 hours to leave the bloodstream. Due to the speed with which the body is able to manage the compound when vaped. That means vaping is for users who enjoy the process of taking CBD and want to dose semi-regularly during the course of the day.

CBD Topicals

It’s vital to note that in some cases bioavailability isn’t the be-all and end-all, mostly due to the incidence of the endocannabinoid system throughout the body. A terrific example of this would be when looking at CBD topicals, for example moisturising creams and balms.

When applying a cream to your skin the bioavailability is significantly lessened because the compounds must first make their way through the epidermal layer. That means the amount of CBD that gets your circulatory system is very minimal. Yet, if you’re considering for a localised external release then the CBD topical will still get to the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin.

Subsequently, CBD topicals definitely have a place in your CBD routine. Our CBD lip balm and muscle cream both include a meticulously curated blend of essential oils and skincare ingredients designed to support the hemp extract.

Since the bioavailability of CBD topicals is at a low level, it’s a slower release means of processing CBD. CBD effects will take roughly an hour to be absorbed and last for about five hours. Irrespective of duration, if you’re looking for an external application then CBD topicals are the apparent route to go.

CBD Edibles

One of the most common forms of CBD is CBD edibles. This is where you’ll find CBD capsules. Whilst research has shown that ingesting CBD via your stomach lessens its bioavailability, it does make tracing your dosage through the day much easier and is normally the fastest and most stress-free way of taking CBD.

CBD edibles and supplements are a fantastic way of, well, enhancing your daily CBD intake. It means that you can just carry a tub of CBD capsules wherever you go, and dose more inconspicuously in public. That makes them ideal for being on the go.

With CBD edibles it’ll typically take at least an hour to be asorbed, and approximately six hours to be processed. Nevertheless, as the CBD initially goes through the digestive system this can vary depending on metabolism.